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MYO Gesture Control Armband Review

When the MYO was first announced by Thalmic Labs, excitement was rampant at the impact their tiny little device would have on the consumer electronics industry. The MYO promised gesture control using muscle response signals in order to turn your lights off or adjust your thermostat. Now that we've finally… MYO Gesture Control Armband Review MYO Gesture Control Armband Review …

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Thalmic Labs Unveils Final Myo Armband Design!

After finding out about the Thalmic Labs Myo Armband almost 2 years ago we finally know what the end design will be (production model) and it looks awesome. We look forward to testing out the Myo Armband and cannot wait to see what developers will unlock once kits are shipped next month. Click on the link here to see their …

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We’re pretty excited about the MYO gesture control armband. Imagine being able to freely move and control your technology with a simple gesture. You don’t need any bulky interface or multiple camera setup, a simple armband will do. The amazing part about the MYO is that it is able to track and interpret muscle contractions etc. and convert them into …

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