Rokform Sport V3 iPhone 6 Case Review

Sometimes you need a case that's more than just something to protect your phone while you're on the go. You need something that offers features that make life just a bit easier or more convenient while you're out for a run or hiking in the mountains. That's where the Rokform…

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Sometimes you need a case that’s more than just something to protect your phone while you’re on the go. You need something that offers features that make life just a bit easier or more convenient while you’re out for a run or hiking in the mountains. That’s where the Rokform Sport V3 iPhone 6 case comes in. Does it live up to the rigorous needs of an active lifestyle? Find out in the full review after the break!


The Rokform Sport V3 offers other features outside of protection but it does great in that department as well. With impact resistant material on the inner and outer lining of the iPhone 6 case, drops should not pose any issues at all (we actually dropped it a few times from standing height and experienced no issues). The Rokform Sport V3 also has a lay on the table design as the screen never touches the surface of a table while laying face down.



No camera issues were observed when using the camera with the case on. With the new design of the iPhone 6 having a protruding camera lens, the case also rids the user of the annoying wobble that will come along from using the iPhone 6 naked.


From a production quality standpoint, Rokform delivers with the Sport V3. All the inner portions of the case as well as the outside had no rigid edges or leftover material from the manufacturing process. The ports for volume control, standby/wake key, and vibrate switch were well aligned. The same goes for the speaker cutouts and headphone jack. The only minor concern would be for headphone cables which have larger connectors, it might pose an issue since the cutout around the 3.5mm jack is small.



Now we get to the more unique features of the Rokform Sport V3 which really set it apart from the competition. The magnetic mount included with the Sport V3 provides an easy method for mounting to the dashboard of your car or any other surface. The 3M material included with the rare earth magnet provides a strong adhesion. Removal is a bit more difficult, as recommended by Rokform a piece of dental floss can be run along the adhesive material so it can be removed. We loved this feature while driving as it provided a quick way to switch the phone between landscape and portrait mode depending on what we were doing. Instead of having to use a bulky docking or mounting component, a simple rare earth magnet provided a strong and unobtrusive method for mounting the device.



You can also swap out the back panel of the Rokform Sport V3 to mount it to their universal smartphone adapter. The rare earth magnet, in our opinion, works better and is more convenient. The only thing we will warn you about is you can demagnetize hotel key cards, and credit cards if you’re not careful.




The included lanyard can also be used to carry your device as it can be looped through the lower back portion of the Rokform Sport V3.



Overall, the Rokform Sport V3 is well made and built tough (as it should be). It’s not the lightest weight case you can get, but you’re sacrificing a bit of weight for added protection and a really unique method for mounting your case almost anywhere, easily.

Price: $39.00

Rokform Sport V3 Mountable Case for the iPhone 6

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