LG 4K Flexible OLED 77″ Display CES 2014

We are still not sure of its true purpose but LG has created the world’s first flexible 4K OLED 77″ display. At CES 2014, the display was shown as being able to flex about 3-4 inches during a demo run. While this can create a better image for the viewer directly in front of the television (minimal given the amount of curvature), it does create an issue for those that are viewing at off angles.


Image quality looked amazing given the distance that we were standing away from the television (about 5 feet) and the fact that it was 4K. Pricing was not known at the time, however our belief is that this set is not marketed towards mass production anytime soon. It was more meant to show off the production capabilities of LG and demonstrate the usability of the set while flexing was applied.

There were fixed curved 4K OLED television sets next to the flexible set, which is more likely to be marketed towards consumers. Pricing was still not known at the time for these sets as well.

As we stated earlier, given the minor benefit of curved displays and their pricing and mass production issues currently, the curved nature of OLED display feels more like a novelty than an evolutionary change in the television market.

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