CES Unveiled 2014 – Highlights of the Night!

CES Unveiled 2014 was another amazing night filled with amazing things. From the awesome food to the hot products that jumped out at us during the night, it’s a good bet that the night was successful.



The first hot product of the night: LG G Flex smartphone. The smartphone possesses a full 245ppi curved OLED capacitive touch display (no release date yet in the US). The colors were vibrant and it appeared to be very responsive (2GB RAM/Snapdragon 800 chipset/Quad-Core Krait 400 CPU).




Parrot also displayed two new products: the MiniDrone and the Jumping Sumo. The MiniDrone is a scaled down version of the more expensive AR2.0. While it is a bit smaller than its big brother, the power and speed of the MiniDrone was impressive. Parrot has made it a long way since its first iteration of air acrobatic devices, the MiniDrone was surprisingly easy to control. Parrot also introduced their Jumping Sumo, a land based toy vehicle that zips around the floor. The most unique aspect of the Jumping Sumo was the fact that there is a feature to allow it to spring up as much as 3 feet in the air (they were making basketball hoop shots with the Jumping Sumo).



Overall, CES Unveiled 2014 lived up to expectations and we look forward to getting more hands on time with other products. We also just wanted to point out there we saw a brand new Corvette and pastries that we were all drooling over. The latter not really having to do with hot tech products but we felt you should see what spread they had.

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