CES 2015 Unveiled Sneak Peek

Always a crazy year at CES 2015 Unveiled where the press get a sneak peak at some of the innovation award honorees and some other products before the show officially starts. We had a few products stand out to us during the press only event. Find out the details after the break!

Parrot has been known for their drone products for a while and their latest endeavor does not disappoint. The Parrot RNB6 (not the best name we know) will be an in vehicle infotainment system. One of the most unique aspects of the Parrot RNB6 is the ability to run iOS or Android (so you can still choose sides even with the same product). Check out their preview video below for more of the Parrot RNB6.

Another unique product was Noke by FUZ Designs which is a bluetooth enabled padlock. We’ve seen a lot on the net lately of door keypad locks that have bluetooth capability built in but the Noke will be one of the first that addresses the untapped situations where you’d love to have a bluetooth enabled padlock to lock a home gate or your bike.


These were just a small fraction of the products that quickly stood out as we crawled our way through the crowd (and a big crowd it was). Check back here for more CES 2015 coverage!


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