CES 2015 Gear: What To Bring?

So you’re attending CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2015 and you’re wondering what to bring. Here’s our list of gear we’re bringing with us to CES 2015. Check out the full details after the break!


As with any journalist/blogger/writer one of the most important elements to bring with you is a speedy laptop. We’re bringing our trusty Macbook Pro 15” Retina with us. Sporting a quad core CPU, a 1 TB SSD, and most importantly the latest in A/C wireless technology it’ll be our workhorse for not only processing images, but will also allow us to stay connected with our readers/viewers.


One element to remember is wifi access can be quite dodgy so bring along a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter as wired connections speeds tend to be much more reliable.


As we mentioned earlier about processing images, we’ll need a good dependable high quality camera to bring with us so we can grab as many great shots from CES 2015 as we can. In years past, we’ve brought our 60D or, as of last year, our 5D Mark III. This usually requires bringing an assortment of lenses which when bundled together require a strong back or equipment crew to carry everything around. Our suggestion for you is bring along one of those full frame compacts. A fraction of the weight required to lug around with you on the show floor (your feet will thank us), and quality that is on par. Our selection for this year is the Sony RX1R, a full frame camera sensor in a compact body. It features a fixed lens but in our experience takes equally high quality images and great video to match. We’ve also selected to bring the optional EVF (electronic viewfinder) and a spare battery just in case. This will allow us to still capture great moments at CES 2015, but not have the backaches and headaches from gear paralysis.


Many seem to forget that not only are you collecting news and the latest in technology but making connections with media relations teams as well from copious amounts of companies. The last thing you want to do is be caught without a business card. Make sure you’ve got plenty stashed away in your bag and store some extra in your hotel room in case you run out during the week. All the various electronic means for swapping out contact information but sometimes you can’t beat having a good old fashion business card.


With so many individuals on the floor using their smartphones for communication across social media platforms you don’t want to be caught without power. We recommend an external battery pack that you can bring that will extend the life of all your electronic equipment. We’re bringing our HyperJuice that has built in prongs for plugging into the wall. The less battery bricks or cables you need to bring with you the better.


Seems obvious but you’re going to be shaking a lot of hands and talking to a lot of people. CES 2015 will be a breeding ground for germs so make sure you carry some waterless hand sanitizer in a portable bottle with you at all times. You’re going to need to be at your best everyday so stay healthy and germ free.

Staying hydrated is important so bring along a bottle that you can refill on the go. It’s never fun to have to carry a bunch of water bottles or have to worry about where you’re going to recycle them at. Also refreshments aren’t cheap on the show floor so this can be a money saver as well.


Having a bag to store everything is a must as you’ll need to have most of the stuff we’ve mentioned with you at all times. If you’re bringing a bunch of camera equipment with you, we recommend using camera bags from companies like Vanguard, or Incase. They’re relatively inexpensive and can last you several expos and events before needing to be replaced. If you’re going lightweight like we are this time around, we’re bringing with us the Incase Campus Backpack. It has a slim profile and has all the space we need to carry all the essentials.


Also make sure you bring along a microfiber cloth to clean up the massive amount of fingerprints and potential lens smudges.

Wear some comfortable shoes that don’t scream I’m coming from a run or LA Fitness. Some will say that image doesn’t mean much in front of other press or companies but in reality it matters (why do you think all the companies there have media relations and corporate contacts wearing suits, dress shirts, and dresses). We’re not saying you have to wear a full suit, but a nice pair of jeans, casual shirt (not t-shirt), and a comfortable pair of shoes is a must. Shoes are especially important as you’ll be sporting these for 8+ hours a day on the show floor and into the night at various events.

These are just some of the major items we’re bringing with us to CES 2015. There are the various other ad hoc items we’re leaving out (lightning cables, converters, SD cards etc.) but those we feel are pretty self explanatory. Let us know in the comments if you think we’ve left anything crucial out and of course check back at here for the latest at CES 2015.

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