BeeWi BBH300 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

Wireless audio equipment is all the rage, with many promising great audio quality without the wires. BeeWi has made the entry into the market with their BBH300's: bluetooth enabled headphones. How do they stack up? Find out in the full review after the break! Wireless headphones is a bit of…

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Wireless audio equipment is all the rage, with many promising great audio quality without the wires. BeeWi has made the entry into the market with their BBH300’s: bluetooth enabled headphones. How do they stack up? Find out in the full review after the break!


Wireless headphones is a bit of a touchy subject for most as many hear those words and envision a wireless lifestyle. In reality, wireless headphones usually produce poor audio quality (especially when compared with wired counterparts) and have an even poorer battery life. The BeeWi’s boast great audio quality and superb battery life.



The build quality was great on the BBH300’s. The included shell carrying case kept the headphones safe and protected. The downside was the high-gloss surface which tended to collect many fingerprints. The BBH300’s felt fairly durable given the light weight.



The battery life of the BBH300’s was one of the highlights of our testing period. On paper they boast a 20 hour battery life, and in real life we honestly never got a chance to really drain them completely. We took them on long flights, and used them in the office for hours on end and never once reached a low battery signal. It honestly felt as though they could run forever. With the included docking station, we were never far off from charging them in the office.



This leads us to one of the unique features of the BBH300’s: the included docking station. Not only did the docking station provide an easy way to charge the BBH300’s but it allowed us to use it as a portal to play music through our Hi-fi system. The docking station worked seamlessly to switch from headphone to Hi-fi system, once the headphones were docked.  This connection was made through the included 3.5mm cable with RCA connectors.


The biggest thing you’re probably wondering about now is how did the audio quality fare in all this, especially since they’re wireless headphones. Through out testing we can say that these sound fantastic. Given that the included app allows for adjustments to equalizer we were comfortable playing whatever music genre we felt like at the time. We would have like the app to be more refined, especially in design, but it’s a small nitpick. None of the vocals ever felt muffled or distorted in any way throughout the low to high volume levels. The only true element we noticed was the bass did distort at times when at the maximum volume levels (which we would encourage you not to do since it may harm your ears). The bass did come through heavy and with a punch at normal volume settings. The BBH300’s provided some of the best audio quality we have experienced from wireless headphones in a long time.



Range is another element that can irk users of wireless headphones and I can say that the BBH300’s did not fail to impress. Given that they boast a 10 meter range with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, we never got much if any distortion during our testing. At the tail end of that range users will notice audio quality breakup but in actuality most will use these headphones pretty close to the source (pants pocket or within reach on a desk).


On board controls for the BBH300’s are all designed to be touch sensitive and performed very well in our tests. 5 buttons are located on the right side of the BBH300’s and are easily activated. Personally, we’d love to see a version with actual physical buttons but understand that touch sensitive buttons provide a cleaner look.


Comfort is one of the last elements we wanted to cover in this review but it’s one of the most important to users. We can say that comfort is something that the BBH300’s performed well in but we have experienced more comfortable ones in the past. The square ear cups are not exactly our favorite as they tend to not play well with the shape of people’s ears. We would have like to see a design that incorporated more round design elements. We were however able to wear the BBH300’s for extended periods of time without any discomfort but did experience some sealing issues given the shape of the ear cups.


Overall, the BBH300’s was one of the best wireless headphones we have ever tested when it comes to audio performance for the price. The only true elements that are holding back these pair of headphones is the ear cup design which can lead to potential sealing problems.

Price: $179.99

BeeWi BBH300 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

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  1. I like the review, have been looking for some high quality sounding headphones below $200. But as you said, I’m a bit worried about the rectangular design, I would prefer a round one as I’m used to that and it’s proven that it works best.

  2. I love the BBH300 model. Very creative design and a long lasting battery, Should get it for my audiophile friend this christmas

  3. This Model is really good. I just bought one on Amazon. Thank for your review !

  4. Good review but would prefer AKG or Audio technica – and below 100 dollars would probably pick Bluedio.

  5. I still prefer Bose over these others, because they offer superior ANC tech and great audio as well. But a very good review, nonetheless.

  6. BBH 300 Model pretty cool. Thanks for your review

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