A Message from Will

I started TEKBEAT TV originally as a YouTube channel where I could post reviews of the highest quality on technology that I enjoyed and adopted frequently in my day to day life. In the beginning it was difficult to find videos to create of various products (mostly because I had spent my own money to purchase most of them), but as the channel grew in its influence and notoriety companies began contacting me to review their products. Soon the amount of products had grown so much that I could no longer make videos fast enough to review all the products that were coming in.

Video reviews take quite a bit of time to make, approximately 8 – 10 hours depending on the length of the video (usually only about 5 minutes in length on average). I figured that writing a review would cut that time dramatically, thereby allowing me to do the same high quality review but in written form. Reviews would still be unbiased and truthful. It also allowed me to explore my photographic capabilities as well. The YouTube channel allowed me to create great product videography and the website would allow me to create great product photography. That is essentially when TEKBEATTV.com was born.

Advertising Policies

Much of the online ad world is filled with intrusive pop-up ads, or tasteless overlay ads which interrupt the digestion of media and written reviews. I’m completely against that, and word rather people enjoy being on the site reading reviews and content. Since this site is self-funded, there are going to be various ads located around the website but I have made every effort to make them as nonintrusive as possible. Do not for any reason feel compelled to click on any of the ads, the sheer fact that you are commenting and reading/watching reviews provides the best support. I appreciate all levels of support, I am happy that the site provides content which you all enjoy.


Will Luong – Editor in Chief

Jen Dischler – Writer/Contributor

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