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Sense by Hello Crosses $1,000,000 On Kickstarter


With the latest wearables trend and everyone wanting to get better sleep tracking, Hello has made it their mission to enable better sleep tracking/monitoring without having to wear anything. Sense is a simple system which not only tracks sleep but also reinvents the way you wake up. Closing in on nearly 9,000 backers and well over $1,000,000 is pledges, Sense is ... Read More »

Cyberith Virtualizer – Immersive Virtual Reality Gaming


The Virtualizer is an award-winning locomotion device for Virtual Reality that allows for the user to freely move in virtual environments. The Virtualizer has integrated sensors which detect motion (low latency), and optical sensors in the base-plate pick up feet movement. Vertical movement is measured and tracked via the pillars. Check out Battlefield 4 multiplayer video with the Virtualizer and ... Read More »

Kyocera Sapphire Display Teaser


Kyocera is joining the sapphire display bandwagon with its latest teaser video highlighting that their durable smartphone line will soon include sapphire display ones. Kyocera boasts 41 years of experience synthesizing sapphire and using it in components for circuitry, lighting, and watches. Read More »

Booq Viper Sleeve Review for the Macbook Pro Retina 15″


Apple Macbook Pro Retina laptops are sleek and stylish, however protecting them while maintaining that sleek and stylish look is difficult. Booq has created the Viper Sleeve case (with magnetic closing mechanism) to not only protect, but also allow for easy access (no fumbling for zippers). How does this sleeve perform? Find out in the full review after the break. Read More »